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Consolidated Fundraising

San Carlos Education Foundation is consistently striving for efficiencies and clarity as it relates to community based fundraising. As such, a task force with broad representation of school principals, PTA leaders, school district employees and SCEF leadership came together throughout the 2021-2022 school year to discuss the possibility of consolidating and simplifying fundraising for the San Carlos schools. The main fiscal goals for this project were to maintain the prior and established commitments of both the SCEF grant to the school district and the funding of the independent school PTAs for community building and teacher/principal support. The main goal that was sought for the community was a simplification of the donor process, timing of donations and definition of what is funded with the money raised each year.

The task force explored a comprehensive list of potential benefits and possible challenges associated with this consolidation. These included maintaining school independence for each PTA, funding of the important programs through the district, clarity of message for donors to list a few. Through this process, there was excellent transparency, benefits of shared insights amongst stakeholders and an understanding that all entities would indeed benefit from proceeding with this new approach to fundraising.

Starting with this 2022-2023 school year, an alliance between PTA and the San Carlos Education Foundation has been entered into to accomplish these new goals. Beginning this school year, all fundraising will be consolidated with SCEF. Our fundraising goal this year is $3.7 million and the suggested per student donation is $1,850, which includes funding for the 8 schools in the district and all other programs previously supported with a SCEF donation.

One exciting outcome of this model is that PTA will focus extensively on community building and advocacy, while benefiting from the fundraising capabilities of the San Carlos Education Foundation. Another result is individual donations will only go to one location and the messaging will come from one entity - SCEF. Consistent feedback received over the years has shown that messaging about donations and the two different entities has at times led to confusion. It is the goal of this model that these are being minimized or eliminated altogether as a key benefit for the donor.

SCEF along with the stakeholders from the task force and our school and PTA leaders are excited to embark on this new model of consolidated fundraising. We all look forward to the realized benefit of this efficient process that aims to impact every student, every day, in every classroom.

Beginning in the fall, the annual SCEF suggested donation will be increased to $1,850 per student include funding of the school PTAs. Fundraising messages coming from SCEF will now include PTA fundraising. Your donations will support the activities you have come to expect from your PTA, in addition to the extensive programs and educators that SCEF grants fund. We believe that this new model will be more efficient and simpler for donors while continuing to benefit students.

The community’s continued involvement and contributions will provide teacher grants, art education, assemblies, library books, celebrations and family events at each school site, and a well-rounded education for every student in every classroom.

We encourage parents to support SCEF with a donation and join their school PTA, attend PTA meetings and volunteer at school. The more parents are engaged in the education of their children, the more likely their children are to succeed in the education system. School improvement and school effectiveness research consistently shows that parental engagement is one of the key factors in securing higher student achievement.

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