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Innovation Grants

In December of 2014, SCEF, in partnership with the school district, launched the Educator Innovation Fund (EIF) Program. These funds directly support teachers and staff in their classes as they work to implement new and innovative learning strategies aligned with the Common Core State Standards and SCSD’s Strategic Plan. Each grant is reviewed by a selection committee (comprised of teachers, administrators and SCEF representatives).

Since that time, over $200,000 has been granted to educators to support a variety of initiatives.

We are proud to support our educators, as they bring amazing and innovative projects to life for our students and community. In 2021-22 grants were provided to allow educators to enhance a variety of classroom lessons including:

  • Adding phonics centers/toolkits for first grade students

  • Providing real-world study of the impact of humans on the environment

  • Learning about the life cycle by hatching chicks

  • Addition of BIPOC science books

  • Sheet music from diverse composers

  • Flexible and rocking seating for students to allow them to focus in class

  • Providing Lavalier microphones to support a theater elective class

The Educator Innovation Grants promote:

Innovative and Engaging Curriculum

  • Problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills

  • Enhances current or new curriculum

  • Relevant real-world application


  • Teachers work in teams to create the project

  • Project is shared with teachers from all schools

  • Easy to replicate by other instructors

Creativity and Enrichment

  • Allows students to be creative and impacts individual students

  • Creates many learning experiences students can use for further projects

  • Fosters collaborations within the classroom

YOUR donations to the San Carlos Education Foundation that make these grants possible. Our educators and students thank you.

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