SCEF Funds Pedometers for Tierra Linda P.E. Program

Ms. Core wanted her 7th and 8th grade P.E. students to learn about and monitor their actual activity movement time during class. Thanks to a SCEF Educator Innovation Fund grant, she was able to purchase pedometers for her students, which they used to measure their MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) during class. Ms. Core set the pedometers to record how many minutes the students were exercising at or above 110 steps per minute. Each student’s goal was to reach that rate for an average of 10 minutes per period. Students wore the pedometers through warm ups, the activity of the day, and cool down. At the end of the period each student placed their pedometer on a “reader” which sent the movement time to a computer that charted the results. The pedometers enabled Ms. Core and her students to review real time data on each student’s level of movement. As the students’ awareness grew about their level of movement during class, many began to exercise more intensely during activity time in an effort to boost their average. Some students even reached an average of 25 minutes at or above the rate of 110 steps per minute. One of Ms. Core’s objectives as a teacher has been to instill life-long goals and awareness of the importance of physical fitness in her students. The pedometers were effective tools that encouraged her students to take ownership of being physically active, a lesson she hopes they will carry with them long after middle school.

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