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SCEF Events/Auction Committee

SCEF LIVE in-person events are BACK in full swing!  With our TOWN event, Live Gala at Hiller Aviation Museum, Revel @ Devil’s Dance Party, and the return of parent parties, we are in need of help!  We also need help brainstorming auction item ideas and help with the three auctions we put on every year.  We are in need of a committee with participation from each school to help the SCEF event chairs run these fun events!  


We are looking for TWO people from each school’s PTA to be on our Events Committee. The committee members would help at the live events (setting up, check-in tables, selling raffle tickets, etc.) and also help with brainstorming auction item ideas. This is a HUGE help to ensure we have fresh, new items to offer in our auctions. Team members are not expected to solicit items themselves unless they want to!  We want this to be a FUN and EASY team to be a part of!  


Representation from each school on a robust Events Committee is KEY to making these events work and is a fun and engaging experience! 


SCEF events 23-24 school year: 

    •    Sept 25-Oct 1 - Fall Online Auction

    •    Oct. 1, 2023 - An Evening At TOWN.  

    •    Jan. 17-31, 2024 - Read-a-Thon.  

    •    Feb. 8-15, 2024 - Summer Camp/Teacher Outing Auction

    •    Mar. 22, 2024 - Starlight Gala at Hiller Aviation Museum

    •    Mar. 25-Apr. 2, 2024 - Online Silent Auction

    •   May 4, 2024 -  Revel @ Devil’s Dance Party 

Parent Parties are back!!

We are in need of a committee with participation from each school SCEF event chairs and staff would continue to provide the organization, software applications, marketing, promotional materials, etc. 

To volunteer, please use the form below:

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