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The San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) is a non-profit organization that helps the San Carlos School District provide a well-rounded public education for all students. We work in partnership with parents and the community to support innovative and core programs that are vital to an exceptional education.

Your Support Keeps San Carlos Schools Strong


Support your school PTA with a donation to SCEF

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Technology Staff & Equipment

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Library & Literacy

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Music Programs

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Emotional Health & Wellness

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Physical Education

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Principal Flex Funds

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Why are Your Donations Needed for Public Schools?

Ask any realtor, the number one reason families move to San Carlos is the quality of our schools. Yet our successes disguise the reality that we are one of the lowest funded districts in the county. Your support of SCEF makes a tremendous difference to the programs local public schools can offer students. These programs would be severely reduced if we relied solely on state funding.


SCEF raises essential funds from parents and the community to help bridge the funding gap between what the state provides and what is needed for a well-rounded public education for all students.

SCEF 2022-23 GOAL progress bar

Our goal for 2023–2024 is $3.7 million which allows San Carlos public schools to preserve core programs.

Thank you, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Oracle, Sereno and Avenir Group for your generous support of SCEF

Alexandria Real Estate
Christies Sereno
Avenir Restaurant Group
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