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Your Support Keeps
San Carlos Charter Strong

The San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) is a non-profit organization that helps San Carlos Charter (SCC) provide a well-rounded public education for all learners. We work in partnership with parents and the community to support innovative and core programs that are vital to an exceptional education.

At San Carlos Charter, Your Donation to SCEF Supports:

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General Support

Your donation to SCEF is crucial to bridging the gap between state funding and the true costs of providing a constructivist education in the Bay Area.

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Foreign Language

Our K–8 Spanish program—which includes two full-time educators— is entirely funded by SCEF.

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Physical Education

At Charter, the K–5 PE program is 100% supported by SCEF donations.

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Technology & Equipment

Did you know that SCC has a 1–1 ratio of Chromebooks to learners in grades 3–8? SCEF makes that possible.

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Library & Literacy

Libraries are places for reading, gathering, studying and reflection. Your contribution helps keep libraries open for all students. State funding does not even cover the costs of our core education program. All the “extras” that make SCC so special are brought to you by SCEF donors.

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Instructional Programs

SCEF dollars provide each educator with a generous annual budget to spend on their classroom’s unique needs.

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