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Ways To Give

Lunar New Year event

Our goal for 2023–2024 is $3.7 million which allows San Carlos public schools to preserve core programs. As always, we appreciate every gift. It takes all of us working together to bridge the gap between state funding and a quality education for all students. 

Your donation to SCEF now includes funding for your school PTA. You no longer need to make a separate donation to your PTA.

Annual Fund

Our ask is $1,850 per student, but any gift is appreciated. Your gift to the Annual Fund is fully tax deductible. Tax ID: 94-2842712


Join the Leadership Circle by donating $5,000 or more. 

Learn more about our giving levels

Give Every Month (GEM)

When you Give Every Month, your support of SCEF is spread across the entire year. Please start your ongoing, automated recurring gift in support of San Carlos public education today. 

Learn More

Prefer to mail a check? Download the 23-24 SCEF Remit form.

Employer Match

Many employers will match your charitable donation to SCEF. See the Employer Matching Gifts page for participating companies to learn more.

Stocks & Donor-Advised Funds

A gift of appreciated stock you’ve held for more than a year is better than giving cash. For more information and the form to let SCEF know of your planned stock/securities gift, please see the Stock Donations page. 

Prefer to donate via Donor-Advised Fund from your Fidelity, BNY Mellon or Schwab Charitable accounts? CLICK HERE to start your DAF gift.

Events & Auction

Buy tickets to the Evening at TOWN, Revel @ Devil’s, and our in-person Starlight Gala at Hiller Aviation Museum.

Do you want to donate an auction item to a SCEF event? Please use this form

Business Sponsorship

As a business partner, you not only support San Carlos Schools, you also get exposure to 2,200 families in San Carlos. We make sure that your business is recognized through a multi-channel mix of PR, social media, school campus signage, and event marketing.


Donate your time and expertise, join a committee, utilize your contacts to secure business sponsorships, or help produce an event. To sign up and learn more, see our Volunteers page. 


A strong endowment protects our annual grant to the district from business cuts and economic cycles of booms and busts. Through stewardship of donations and prudent financial management, we can ensure continuity and stability through a self-perpetuating fund. Learn More

Shop to Fundraise


Fundraising Spotlight

Consolidated Fundraising: SCEF and PTA

The San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) was proud to present checks to each school PTA and to San Carlos Charter School this year under the terms of a 2-year consolidated fundraising effort to support programs that benefit all students.  The pilot consolidates fundraising efforts under the SCEF umbrella. SCEF and PTA leaders believe that this efficient new model provides clarity and simplicity to donors. At the same time, it frees the PTA and SCC volunteers to focus on their core community-building mission.

SCEF DAY Mariposa 2022

This year SCEF volunteers and staff are raising funds for the educator positions and programs SCEF has traditionally supported:


  • Librarians

  • Counselors and Mental Health programs

  • Library Services at every school

  • Elementary PE and Music

  • Technology staff, devices and applications

  • STEM supplies and materials and professional development

  • After School Sports

  • Instrument Replacement


AND NOW Support for your PTA

  • Teacher Grants

  • Art programs

  • Library Books

  • Community building and DEIB events and celebrations

  • Staff Appreciation

  • Assemblies

To fund these programs and positions, we have increased the annual SCEF suggested donation to include funding for PTA budgets. The many school site activities you are enjoying this school year are being administered by your PTA volunteers and funded by your donations to SCEF. We hope you will continue your support for our schools as you have in the past with a gift that combines your donation to SCEF and what you used to donate to the PTA. Doing so will ensure that these programs and positions are available to schools and students next year. 

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