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Volunteers are the heart of SCEF

SCEF is governed by a working board of volunteers who provide their professional expertise to the organization. In addition, members of the community serve on committees, helping with marketing and messaging, planning auctions and events, seeking sponsorships and more.


We are seeking committee members with experience in marketing, finance, or event planning. There are many on-going and shorter-term opportunities to apply your professional experience to make a difference for San Carlos public schools. 

Please contact our VP of Stewardship, Jennifer Rudy at to learn more.

SCEF Service Award Recipients

Service Award Recipients

Every year we honor volunteers for their support and generosity of time and talent to the benefit of the children of San Carlos.

2024 service award winners Katherine Sherman, Paige Scott, Susan Raymond, Chang Orthodontist & Wendy Wood

Cathy and Eric Von Der Porten Stewardship Award

for making a significant impact on our school community

Carrie DuBois Spirit Award

for inspiring others to further the mission of the San Carlos Education Foundation

Greg St. Claire Business Award for making a significant impact on our school community

Mark Olbert Stewardship Award for her generous donation of time and talent to the San Carlos Education Foundation

SCEF Board of Directors

Board Members


President: Karla Donahoe
VP, Finance/Treasurer: Katy Mossawir
Secretary: Theresa McDermit
VP, Business Development: Corbie Kiernan
VP, Leadership Circle: Annie Wilson
VP, Marketing: Katherine Sherman
VP, Events: Debbie Blucher
VP, Stewardship: Jennifer Rudy
VP, School Reps: Sheila Brar
VP, Workplace Giving: Paige Sarmiento

Co-School Rep, Arundel: Sheila Brar

Co-School Rep, Arundel: Jesse Gutierrez
Co-School Rep, Brittan Acres: Kristen Carlson
Co-School Rep, Brittan Acres: Brandi Corbin
School Rep, Heather: Kiersten Daniel Baca
Co-School Rep, White Oaks: Jennie Romeo
Co-School Rep, White Oaks: Brenda & Dan Fridman
Co-School Rep, Arroyo: Chez Rueda
Co-School Rep, Arroyo: Melissa Schmidt
School Rep, Mariposa: Annie Wilson
School Rep, Central: Debbie Blucher
Co-School Rep, Tierra Linda: Jessica Myers

Co-School Rep, Tierra Linda: Preeti Chinnan
Co-School Rep, SC Charter: Katherine Sherman

Co-School Rep, SC Charter: Jie Jacquot


Executive Director: Kathy Parmer-Lohan
Operations Manager: Scott Cleaveland
Events Operations Administrator: Christopher Kashap
Bookkeeper:  Joanne Chow

There are many opportunities to serve on various committees and board positions. If you are interested in learning more, please contact

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