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2023 Fund-the-Future of STEM campaign

The San Carlos Education Foundation’s annual Fund-the-Future Campaigns have invested in the furthering of science and technology access and learning for San Carlos learners.  The funding for STEMScopes curriculum and training in 20-21 provided foundational teaching and learning tools. The multi-media and library investment of 21-22 funded upgrades to the technology in our libraries including VR equipment and training for staff to expose students to the wonders of this innovation.  


Elementary and Middle School STEM education extends well beyond simple computations; by using science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts in the classroom, our students will become critical thinkers and problem solvers as they investigate real world problems in the global sphere.

The Fund-the-Future of STEM campaign is a multi-year effort which will fund investments to bolster STEM education in our schools.  This first year, your donations will support:   


  • Investments in teacher professional learning and training on implementing STEM in classrooms, including external visits to STEM programs in neighboring schools 

  • STEM learning and hands-on investigation kits in elementary school

  • Enhanced Makerspaces in upper elementary school

  • Computer Science education in middle school

  • Programmable robots and STEM supplies for all sites

  • Consulting support for a successful action plan and implementation of efforts to develop and upgrade STEM education for ALL San Carlos students

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