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Fund the Future of STEM Education

2024 Fund-the-Future of STEM campaign

Elementary and Middle School STEM education extends well beyond simple computations; SCEF’s Fund-the-Future of STEM campaign raises funds to help students strengthen their understanding of science, engineering and math concepts and personalize learning using technology and project based learning to develop academically as problem solvers and curious self-aware learners.

Fund the Future of Stem Education
Project Based Learning- Kids working on projects

If we meet the Fund-The-Future fundraising goal of $200,000, schools will be able to: 


  • Make investments in teacher professional learning and training on implementing STEM in classrooms and implementing Project Based Learning in classrooms;

  • Continue purchase of STEM learning and hands-on investigation kits in elementary school;

  • Provide Computer Science education materials and supplies for middle schools;

  • Purchase STEM supplies for school sites, Virtual Reality Learning Experiences for all students, and Robotics kits for Computer Science Classes;

  • Continue purchase of Makerspace kits and materials for Elementary schools;

  • Continue purchase of Project Based Learning supplies and materials;

  • Continue elementary STEM School Day programs for students;

  • At San Carlos Charter,

    • Continue replenishing Chromebooks to maintain 1:1 ratio for grades 3-8

    • Upgrade and update wireless network infrastructure 

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