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SCEF and PTA: Supporting Excellence in San Carlos Schools

The San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) was proud to present checks to each school PTA and to San Carlos Charter School this year under the terms of a 2-year consolidated fundraising effort to support programs that benefit all students. The pilot consolidates fundraising efforts under the SCEF umbrella. SCEF and PTA leaders believe that this efficient new model provides clarity and simplicity to donors. At the same time, it frees the PTA and SCC volunteers to focus on their core community-building mission.

This year SCEF volunteers and staff are raising funds for the educator positions and programs SCEF has traditionally supported:

  • Counselors and Mental Health programs

  • Principal Fund for each campus

  • Library Services at every school

  • Elementary PE and Music

  • Technology staff, devices and applications

  • STEM supplies and materials and professional development

  • After School Sports

  • Instrument Replacement

AND NOW Support for your PTA

  • Teacher Grants—Classroom supplies and Materials

  • Art programs

  • Library Books

  • Community building and DEIB events and celebrations

  • Staff Appreciation

  • Assemblies

The many school site activities you are enjoying this school year are being administered by your PTA volunteers and funded by your donations to SCEF. To make a donation to help maintain these programs and positions, visit


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