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SCEF Supports Music

Music education in our public schools is important to SCEF donors and the San Carlos community. SCEF is proud to support music in all San Carlos public schools and to celebrate the success of our instrumental music programs.

Understanding that music training in elementary school helps in language learning, reasoning, coordination, classroom participation and even higher SAT scores our commitment to music starts in kindergarten. SCEF helps to fund the Music for Minors program at all SCSD elementary schools. Our dedication to supporting a whole-child education continues into middle school, with grants for band, orchestra, and choral electives. In 2021, an instrument replacement program was also introduced helps ensure that students have the tools they need to optimize their music education.

Each year SCEF kicks off San Carlos Hometown Days with the “SCEF Celebrates Music, “

at Burton Park. The concert includes middle school band and orchestra performances, which showcase the hard work and talent of our San Carlos music students and educators. Winter and spring concerts are also held at each middle school annually and include group and solo performances by chorus, orchestra, drumline, band and jazz band musicians. In addition, SCSD music groups often participate in outside festivals and competitions including the Sequoia Music Festival, Hometown Days Parade, California Music Educators Association competition, the California All-State Music Festival, and more.

Former Principal and Retired Teacher, Mr. Ray Dawley sums up our feelings about music education: "It gives me great comfort to know that each and every one of our students has access to a high quality, comprehensive, music program. I realize that this is something that many students in California do not have. I am grateful to SCEF for making sure that music education is a core component to the services and programs that they provide for our students here in San Carlos School District. I think a quote by singer/songwriter Jewel sums up the importance of music education: "Some people think music education is a privilege, but I think it’s essential to being human."


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