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January 17 - 31, 2024

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Read-A-Thon Honor Roll for Central School

The Honor Rolls reflect all January 17-31 reading minutes logged in the Online Minute Tracker.



Read-a-thon honor roll

3,000+ minutes

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1,000-2,999 minutes

Eamon A

Claire A

Sid A

Andrew B

Aaron B

Ellie B

Dylan B

Mirabelle C

Megan C

Julien C

Julia G

James K

Grant K

Noah L

Kate M

Kai N

Liam S

Sophie S

Andie S

Gavin S

800-999 minutes

Oliver A

Alexander B

Oliver B

Emma H

Emery H

Marika J

Amelia L

Jameson L

Sophia M

600-799 minutes

Benjamin C

Colin C

Nicole C

Atticus D

Logan E

Joey G

Amelie H

Lila K

Russell L

Mckellan L

Bella M

Caiden M

Sarah P

Jiya P

Kristen S

Reagan Y

Presley A

Bendely A

Thomas B

Oliver C

Lea C

Logan D

Noelani D

Amelie G

Sara G

Henry G

Aimee G

Sasha G

Stella H

Luke H

Evan I

Layla J

Bryan K

Annie K

Nick L

Xienna M

Ryan M

Kai M

Celestine N

Marco P

Katherine R

Drew S

Ian T

Devon W

Camille Y

Elliot Z

400-599 minutes

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