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January 17 - 31, 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Participants


What happens January 17?

Start reading! Students can read any reading material that suits them. News, poetry, comics; stories, biographies, explainers, books celebrating diversity, inclusion, kindness, social justice — all those minutes count! Readers and parents can log their reading minutes in the Reading Log on the student’s Pledgestar page.  TK, Kinder, and First graders can count the time they are read to in their totals.

How to track and log Reading Minutes

Parents and students can keep track of their reading minutes on a written paper reading log.  Then they can transfer them into the Online Reading Log. 

Students and parents can decide how often they transfer minutes into the Online Reading Log  – perhaps daily, or every few days, or all at once with one total at the end.  Reading minutes must be entered into the Online Reading Log to qualify for class or individual prizes.  And some class prizes (like the Book Worm stuffy!) are awarded every few days based on classroom reading totals.

All reading minutes must be entered into the Online Reading Log before February 3.

How Do I Enter Information into the Online Reading Log?

Go to   Scroll to the "Enter Participants" section and click on the title or arrow to expand the section. Next to a participant's name click the book icon under the "Minutes Log" label. Fill in the information, then press save to update the log. 


How much should my child try to read?

Choose a goal that is attainable, yet makes the reader stretch to achieve it. See suggested minutes per day by grade here.



Where can I find books for my reader?

Your school librarian is a great resource for ideas and recommendations.  And please see the READING INSPIRATION section of this website for resources. The San Carlos Public Library has organized reading lists on social justice, anti-racism, and celebration of diversity. The Reading Bug also has reading lists and a big collection of books from which to choose.  

The goals of the Read-A-Thon are:

  1. Build a love of reading with our students and raise money for our schools.

  2. Get to 100% student sign-up/participation across the district.

  3. Raise $250,000 for our San Carlos public schools. See our progress here!

For Donors


How do I and others contribute to my reader’s fundraising goal?

Donate directly on the reader’s online pledge page, and share the link with friends and family! Donations are tax deductible, and no amount is too small. All parent donations count toward annual SCEF giving and are eligible for employee matching. After you register, you can send out donation requests to friends and family.


To make a donation to your own child, please go to the Add Family & Friends + Track Donations section to add yourself as a donor and receive a donation request to make your own pledge.  The "Donate Now!" button and social media options become available, after you add yourself.

Will I get a receipt for my donation?

SCEF will send a donation receipt to all people who donate as long as they have supplied their email address so we can reach them.


Can I make a donation by check?

Yes. Make checks payable and mail to: SCEF, San Carlos Education Foundation, P.O. Box 1214, San Carlos, CA 94070. Write “Read-A-Thon donation” along with your reader's 7-digit number in the memo line.

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