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January 17 - 31, 2024


PTA & SCEF Thank You for Your Participation!

The 4th Annual PTA & SCEF Read-A-Thon is a fun two-week event (January 17-31) that encourages the love of reading and directly involves students in raising funds to support their school’s PTA through SCEF, the San Carlos Education Foundation.​


Register Early by December 22 to Win Raffle Prizes including Warriors Tickets & Gift Cards.  Then, from January 17-31, you can win additional prizes for registering and reading and sending pledge requests.

Be sure to register and use the online READING LOG to enter all your reading minutes so you and your class can win.

The goals of the Read-A-Thon are:​​

  1. Build a love of reading with our students and raise money for our schools.

  2. Get to 100% student sign-up / participation across the district.

  3. Raise $250,000 for the PTA & SCEF & San Carlos Charter







Community Support for the Read-A-Thon Is Vital!

Why are we raising money? 

The PTA & SCEF Read-A-Thon is a SCEF fundraising event. SCEF is the non-profit education foundation that funds the school PTAs, reduced class sizes, literacy, science, music, technology, arts, sports, counselors, and more programs and staff vital to your child’s experience.  Your support allows the PTA to continue to fund many of the great programs and events at your school. With your help every child will benefit.


What is the Goal?
This year we would like to raise $250,000. If every participant can raise $50 we can achieve our goal, and win prizes too!  Belmont raises over $340,000 in their Read-A-Thon. Can we top that?  

How do I register my reader?

Register at  Then, share your reader’s pledge page with grandparents, other family, friends, and anyone else who would like to support your child’s reading! 

Sign up with your personal email address.  Do NOT use a school district email address.


Sending pledge requests is easy & cute & effective!

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close friends would happily donate if asked.  And PledgeStar makes it fun and easy to ask.

Parents simply enter family and friends' names and email addresses or text message numbers, then PledgeStar sends personalized pledge requests from the children that are cute and effective.  Over half result in donations. 

Parents can even post the pledge requests on social media like Facebook. PledgeStar also streamlines the process with secure, online donations that go directly into the school's account.

Register your child at and follow the simple registration steps. It takes just minutes to set-up your child’s own fundraising page to request pledges. When participants request pledges, they can win special prizes.

Special Events
at the San Carlos branch of the San Mateo County Library

San Mateo County Libraries

Family Fort Building at the San Carlos Public Library!

Saturday 1/27 and Sunday 1/28. 

Drop-in from 10am-5pm. 

Join us for a weekend of Family Fort Building at the library to promote families reading together! We'll have blankets, cushions, and some fun camping gear for kids to build their favorite reading spots!  Kids can visit the library, grab some books, and find/create a cozy spot to read! No need to reserve a space, show up whenever you like!  We hope to see you there!


Prizes will be awarded for sending pledge requests and for reading books!

PledgeStar Participation Prizes:

  1. Register on the PledgeStar site and send out your first pledge request - Pack of candy bookworms & backpack charm. 

  2. Send 5 pledge requests - Animal squishy

  3. Send 10 pledge requests - Rita's Gift Card

  4. Send 25 pledge requests  - SusieCakes Gift Card

  5. Class that sends out the most pledges at your school - Reach and Teach Gift Card for the classroom & a Pizza Party


Prize levels up to the 25 pledge level are cumulative. If you send 25 pledges you will earn the 25, 10, 5, and 1 pledges prizes.

Class Participation Prize:

  1. Any class that has 100% participation (all students registered on Pledgestar) - Extra Recess!


Reading Minutes Prizes:

  1. Students who read 1000 minutes –  make the “Honor Roll” on the Read-A-Thon website and get a Jibbit

  2. Rotating Prize!  Class with the most reading minutes at each school gets the rotating prize - the Book Worm stuffie!  Every 3 days is a chance for your class to get the Book Worm! 

  3. The class that reads the most reading minutes overall at their school gets the Read-A-Thon TROPHY and New Books for their classroom donated by San Carlos Public Library.

How It Works

​Students start reading January 17-31 and keep track of their minutes on a printed reading log.


Students can also include any minutes they read in class.  And TK, Kinder, and First graders can count storytime – any time they are read to – in their totals.

To be eligible for prizes, students/parents must transfer their reading minutes into the Online Reading Log.  And all minutes must be entered by 10pm, February 3 for final prize calculations.

Mariposa Principal Theresa Fox produced a "How to Log Reading Minutes" Video - VIEW NOW

Reading Goals

Choose Your Reading Goal

Pick a personal, attainable goal … that makes you STRETCH to achieve it!

Every student is different! Personalize your goal to your level. Your teacher can also help you set an appropriate goal.

Log Your Minutes

Reading Log

Parents and Students can enter reading minutes in the online READING LOG. 


The READING LOG is located in the ENTER READERS section on

Click on the small BOOK icon under “READING LOG” to add minutes.

Pledgestar Enter Readers Screenshot

You can add multiple entries and dates at the same time.   You can even add multiple entries for the same date.  Students/Parents can see individual entries and TOTAL minutes logged.

Pledgestar Reading Log Screenshot
  • Mariposa Principal Theresa Fox produced a "How to Log Reading Minutes" Video - VIEW NOW

  • You can also download and PRINT this paper Reading Log to keep track of your minutes throughout each day, then enter your daily minutes later in the Reading Log.


  • ALL minutes count: reading in class, reading on your own, being read a story, listening to a read-aloud on video or audio, attending an author event, reading poetry, etc.

  • Parents: Help your child log their minutes so their classroom can win prizes!

Reading Activities

Keep up the good work! Expand your reading opportunities with these at-home activities — even after the Read-A-Thon.


Grab a good book, a marker and these Read-A-Thon printable activity sheets! Book BINGO and the Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt are the perfect way to get some extra reading and enjoy quiet moments with a book. Have fun!

Read a thon Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt

Presenting Sponsor

Christies International Real Estate Sereno

For any Read-A-Thon issues or questions, please contact

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